• Harry Chen

    Sales Manager, 35, Taiwanese

    PR approved in 6 months

    I approached Nxglo Immigration the moment I have gotten my Long Term Visit Pass. Upon Nxglo’s advice, I submitted my PR application via sponsorship by my wife 3 months later, and have gotten my Singapore PR in 6 months!

  • Kenji Inoue

    Sales Associate, 40, Japanese

    PR approved in 8 months

    My colleague introduced me to Nxglo Immigration as she has gotten her Singapore PR with their help. I applied as a family, consisting of my wife. It was a joy working with my specialist in charge, she’s always so helpful and responsive.

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Regional Director, 50, Indian

    PR approved in 8.5 months

    I was anxious about my age because i am getting older. We have been rejected 4 times, I have been working in Singapore since 2007. My family and I really want to settle down in Singapore. I really want to thank Nxglo Immigration for helping me with my PR application. Nxglo are truly an expert in Singapore PR application. With their help I got Singapore PR status in 8.5 months.

  • Lim Wei Ming

    Technician, 44, Malaysian

    PR approved in 6 months

    Due to my age and lack of qualifications, my first PR application was rejected. Although I have no qualifications but I believe that Singapore has demands for selective skills and experience. For the sake of my children, I decided to look for professional help and I found Nxglo Immigration. They are very helpful and guide me through the whole process. Eventually my second PR application was a success.

  • Lee Hyun Bin

    Banker, 28, South Korean

    PR approved in 5 months

    I studied in Singapore but went back Korea to serve the army. I have been back in Singapore to work a year ago. I thought by leaving the country after my studies I wouldn’t be able to get my PR approved, plus my length of stay here isn’t long. But Nxglo Immigration did it for me and my wife!

  • James Brian

    CEO, 45, American

    PR approved in 6 months

    Having been in so many countries, Singapore is where I feel home. I wanted live here for its security and education for my kids. My Wife and I didn’t have the time to go through all the process of the Singapore PR Application. I’m thankful that Nxglo Immigration helped me with the whole process. Totally hassle free experience! Without their expertise, I doubt I would have gotten my PR approved in such a short time.

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