Challenges of Singapore PR Application

Low Approval Rate

There were 79,000 Singapore PRs granted in 2008, and yet only close to 30,000 Singapore PRs approved annually since 2015. There are lesser PRs granted and yet the number of applicants did not decrease.

Time Consuming

E-Submission is a tedious and time consuming process, while the process to prepare for submission is a long and anxious one. Without professional guidance and help, you cannot be sure if you are doing the right thing.

No Precise Guidelines

Singapore PR Application requirements are available over the internet, but it only states the requirements to apply but not what are they looking for.

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At Nxglo, we stay up to date with the latest information and news about Singapore PR and Singapore Citizenship. With these, we are able to advise you on the process and how to improve your chances.

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Our team of specialists will work along the framework important to Singapore to build up your profile to make you stand out. Your whole application will be vetted and audited by both your specialist and yourself to ensure complete accuracy.

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We understand the urgency of all applications, thus we emphasise on productivity while ensuring quality of work done. We are able to submit your Singapore PR and Singapore Citizenship within 2 weeks upon receiving all documents from you.

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As the requirements to apply for Singapore PR and Singapore Citizenship is general, you need to be different to stand out. Nxglo will advise on additional documents needed to make you distinct and prominent amongst other applicants.

Personal Cover Letter

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A personalised cover letter will build up your profile and make you stand out so as to allow the ICA officer to get to know you better as there is no interview required for your Singapore PR Application. This letter will also note on your contributions and adaptability in Singapore.

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Singapore Permanent Residents can live, work, enter and leave Singapore. You will not need a permit to work in Singapore and may apply for a Long Term Visit Pass for your parents. You can include your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 together in the application. You children will also be given priority, following Singapore Citizens, to enter public schools.
However, do note that your son will be required to enlist for national service at the age of 18, if he is part of the application.

Benefits of being a permanent resident in Singapore include:

  • Greater job stability as you need not worry about permit renewal approvals.
  • Lower stamp duty when purchasing a house.
  • Entitlement to purchase second hand HDB
  • Entitlement to CPF. CPF can be used for healthcare, home-ownership and even investment.
  • Subsidised Education and Medical Fees

You are eligible to apply for permanent residency if you fulfill any of the following criteria.

  • Possess any of the following: S Pass, Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass, Entre-Pass Holder
  • Spouse or unmarried children below the age of 21 of a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.
  • Elderly parents of a Singapore Citizen
  • Investors

There is no minimum or maximum age limit to applying for Singapore Permanent Residence.

If you have your reservations about completing national service for your son, you should exclude your son from the PR application. Giving up on his permanent residency before enlistment age will not be allowed.

An average PR application process takes about 6 - 12 months. However, there have been cases whereby with longer processing time.

Reasons for rejection are not disclosed by ICA. Nxglo helps our clients in building a strong profile of their contributions and adaptability.

Yes, you may appeal should your PR application be rejected. However, if you are appealing using the same profile, it is unlikely that your application will be approved.

Students must have resided in Singapore for at least 2 years and have sat through at least one national exam (PSLE, GCE N/O or A Levels) or are in the Integrated Programme (IP), to be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Yes, Nxglo Immigration does provide Singapore Citizenship Application Services.